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Eye examination.

We provide an in-depth examination of your vision and eye health using up to date technology. We feel its important to take time to find the best solution for your lifestyle. 

Diagnosis & monitoring.

Your examination will involve accurate measurements of your vision and eye health so that we can monitor for dry eyes, glaucoma, macula degeneration and other eye diseases. We have technology such as retinal photography, Optical coherence tomographer, visual field analyser and topography to allow us to record minute detail of your eyes for future comparisons. We work closely with specialists for pre-op and post-op care. We can refer you to the appropriate specialist if we find a problem.

Red eyes, foreign body removal & emergencies.

We are trained to remove foreign bodies, and can prescribe medications for red eyes, infections and allergies. Call us if you have any concerns with eye pain or vision.

Children's vision.

Don’t forget your child’s vision is very important when it comes to life long learning. If you have concerns over learning troubles, we advise an examination to rule out any vison difficulties.

Spectacle frames.

Come and see our wide range of frames. Our staff are here to help and advise you on your prescription and choices. We can also offer repairs and ultrasonic cleaning for those hard to get to places on your frames.

Contact lenses.

These offer a great alternative for all types of prescriptions. They offer freedom from glasses. Call us to see if they are right for you.